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2017 Blanton Collier
Award Winner:
1964 NFL World Champions Cleveland Browns
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The Lexington Opera House
Lexington, KY
June 23, 2017

Character is a Decision

Champions of Athletic Character Club (CAC)

The Blanton Collier Sportsmanship Group’s (BCSG) mission includes ensuring that character is taught in youth sports. As the character of our youth goes, so goes the greatness of our communities and our nation. Character is not genetic; it must be taught and led by example. I ask that you become a charter member of the Champions of Athletic Character Club (CAC).

We believe that competitive sports should supplement the family in guiding youth toward character development. However, alarming reports indicate that the opposite is often true. The “winning at any price” mentality erodes character rather than builds it. From youth athletic programs to the professional level, character is being sacrificed for winning. This is the shocking finding of a Georgetown College, Kentucky study, underway for two years. The study confirms that athletics without ethics education has a negative effect on an athlete’s character while athletics that include ethics education results in an improvement in an athlete’s character.

The BCSG and Georgetown College, Kentucky have formed a unique partnership to address the challenge of introducing ethics education in to athletics. This will blend research with data to be gathered from little league programs through college. Goals of the partnership include producing written materials, teaching aids, periodic seminars, speaker’s bureau, encouragement counseling, awards, certifications, and other unique efforts to promote ethics, education and excellence. The BCSG website includes the Target Matrix survey that allows parents and others to praise coaches or to discuss concerns that they may have.

As a CAC member you will receive updates on the ongoing study and be invited to luncheons to hear key note speakers, positive character testimony and the status of our research and projects.

Become part of the solution by helping us financially, as we undertake this important challenge. Tax deductible donations of any amount will be greatly appreciated. To join the CAC, send your 2011 dues of $500 to the Blanton Collier Sportsmanship Group-CAC, PO Box 4052 Midway, KY 40347. You may also pay through our website by clicking the Subscribe button below.

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